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As more of the world’s most powerful brands aspire to the same social and environmental values, business leaders and marketers face the new challenge of distinguishing their companies, products and services in an increasingly crowded sustainable marketplace. And sustainability requires a re-imagination in the art of branding.

Brandgurus is in a unique position to operate in this environment as we hold that critical cross-over experience in both the greening and branding sectors.

Our guiding principles for “Sust’ Brands”

Values-driven branding can advance corporate sustainability programs, create opportunities for business innovation, driving value to the triple bottom line.

1. Practice what you preach

Transparency and authenticity are gaining ground as the new corporate currency. Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy, looking beyond paid-for advertising to find and share information on their own. Make sure what you say is aligned with what you do.

2. Keep it simple

Successfully communicate the complexities inherent in the renewable sector in a visual language that is de-jargonised, simple and humanised. We desire to connect with our stakeholders, not to confuse them.

3. Leverage stakeholder opinion to create value and content

Stakeholders own brands. They increasingly test, challenge and authenticate brand promises. And they have enormous power to influence their peers. From consumers to employees, suppliers to investors to agencies… The new-age sustainable brand engages with stakeholders as partners, advisors and consultants. Lets hear their ideas, insights and influences and act on them.

4. Deliver benefits that conscious consumers desire

Consumers are looking to align their purchases with their values and they are rewarding companies that do good things for people and the planet: like manufacturing energy efficient products, promoting consumer health and safety benefits, delivering fair labour and trade practices and supporting local businesses and suppliers. And they shouldn’t have to search for you – sustainability should emerge in every product, service and action.

5. Don’t bother with green-washing

Unsubstantiated green claims have created a green-washed, eco-cluttered and eco-saturated marketplace. Sustainability should live throughout your entire organisation, not just on the shelf or at the coal-face. It’s about building mutual, honest and transparent relationships that embody the brand and extend its influence and impact.